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KF-818R/R(CH) Touchless Faucet
Model No.: KF-818R / KF-818R(CH)
  • With override lever to enable the faucet into manual mode.
  • Hot and cold water pre-tempered (KF-818R(CH)).
  • Spout made with polished chrome brass for durability.
  • All electronic and solenoid parts are sealed and protected to resist water and moisture.
  • Safeguard of self-locking after 1 minute of water flowing.
  • When battery is low, the LED lamp will flash.
  • Ideal to be used at hospitals and clinics.
Power AA size Alkaline battery 4 PCs or DC 6V plug-in power adaptor
Battery life 3 Years (at 50,000 uses per year)
Operating water pressure 0.5~8 bar (7~114 psi)
Optional accessories 4” trim plate
Sensing range Adjustable