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EcoMo23 Automatic Hand Dryers
Model No.: EcoMo23
  • Ergonomic design, drying hands in a natural position
  • Housing is made of ABS plastic with Ag+ ion
  • Innovative air outlets that thoroughly dry hands
  • Less than 10-15 seconds quick drying time
  • Super filter system to eliminate over 99% of any present bacteria (1 st layer: antibacterial filter r, 2nd layer: carbon filter, 3rd layer: HEPA filter)
  • Innovative absorbent ceramic pad to prevent water overflow
  • Intelligent air speed adjustment and heater on/off switch
  • High brightness LED to increase the ease and delight of Use
  • All plastic 100% recyclable
External cover


Operating power 1,200 watts
Motor 1HP, 400-750W, 11000-20000 R.P.M., adjustable
Warm air speed output 65-100 m/s (140-224 mi/hr), adjustable
Dryer shall deliver 89-124 m3/h (55-76 CFM), adjustable
Heater element ON/OFF heating options. 300-450W, adjustable
Heater Thermal Protection Auto resetting thermostat turns unit off at 85℃ (185°F)
Electrical spec 110-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC; 50/60Hz
Motor Thermal Protection Auto resetting thermostat turns unit off, 120V at 135℃ (275°F), 240V at 95℃ (221°F)
Sound Pressure Min. 65dB-A to 77-A Max. @1 m
Heater 500 watts
Dimension W250 x H180 x D138.5 (mm)